Day 1

It feels like I'm in a fantasy or something. As I write this I'm sitting in my room in a floating habitat in Venus's atmosphere. I was born on Earth but I'm Venutian now. Here I am, working and living on Venus! I'm so excited. Can't believe I get to experience this. Where do I start. Looking out the window, I can see whisps of clouds and the occasional streak of lightning. It's a bit odd knowing that it's possible for us to walk around outside with the right equipment. We just need a sealed suit so that no sulphuric acid droplets land on us and a source of oxygen to breath. But the suit doesn't need to be pressurized because the pressure at the stations elevation is Earth normal 1atm and it doesn't need to be insulated because the temperature is a bit warmer than earth. It's not fun to stay out in for long periods but for short stints, you only need acid protection and air. Speaking of acid protection, this place is so cool looking, lots of anodized titanium. 

The turbulence dampening is pretty cool too. I guess the inside of the habitat is constantly in motion to counteract the outside being buffetted around. The end result is that we feel a stable steady environment that only moves around gradually. About like a typical ocean going vessel on Earth.